Reciclalia Innovative SME

Reciclalia receives an Innovative SME Distinction for its R&D strategy

Reciclalia has just received an Innovative SME distinction by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. This distinction rewards small and medium enterprises for their Research and Development projects, according with the criteria of the order ECC/1087/2015, of 5 June. The European Commission has highlighted the importance of innovation for SMEs, and the fact […]

Closing landfills

Brussels criticises Spain for not closing ilegal landfills and gives our country two months to comply with the Community regulation

The European Comission has recently criticised spanish government to allow that thousands of “ilegal” landfills remain open whithin its territory, and gives a term of two months to comply with the Community Regulation regarding waste management. “Despite the information facilitate to the Commision, there are evidences about the existence of large quantity of ilegal landfills (at least […]

Reciclalia and Aernnova recycling carbon fiber

RECICLALIA and AERNNOVA GROUP blaze the trail for recycling of Carbon Fiber in Spain.

The contract, signed by both companies in July, makes this a reality. Aernnova Group is a leader in the design and manufacture of aeronautical structures since 1986, with different sites in different countries and, with this agreement, positions itself as the first company in the aeronautical sector to recycle its carbon fiber waste. High value-added […]

Reciclalia signed a contract with Fidamc

RECICLALIA has signed a collaborative agreement with FIDAMC

Reciclalia has signed a collaborative agreement with the FIDAMC (Foundation for the Investigation and Development of Applications for Composite Materias) with the framework of the recycling Project OPTIFIBER. This is a high level technological alliance to investigate and develop products and applications for recycled composites that meet the needs of the market. The main targets […]

LM Wind Power and Reciclalia recycling glass fiber

LM Wind Power signs contract with RECICLALIA

In December, LM Wind Power contracted Reciclalia to manage its waste fiberglass and breakup its large composite structures with Reciclalia´s propriety technology, the Constrictor. LM Wind Power is leader in the manufacture of Wind Blades with a presence in 8 countries on 4 continents and more than 3 decades of experience. LM has made more […]

Reindus funds Reciclalia

Reciclalia has been included in the Reindustrialization Program (REINDUS)

The Spanish Reindustrialization program is meant to give an economic impulse to those companies with high value projects that help fortify the Spanish economy and engender technological and industrial advances. Reciclalia was chosen by the Ministry of Industry because of its level of technological specialization, its investment in R&D, the new markets it addresses by […]

Enisa funds Reciclalia

Reciclalia receives the approval of the ENISA

The ENISA (National Company for Innovation) is part of the Ministry of Economy in Spain and has conceded a loan to Reciclalia after having positively vetted the Company for its business model. The strength of Reciclalia´s brief and its technology, buttressed by its two patents, along with its business plan and future prospects, were key […]