Reciclalia and Aernnova Group blaze

the trail for recycling of carbon Fiber in Sapin.

The contract, signed by both companies in July, makes this a reality.

Aernnova Group is a leader in the design and manufacture of aeronautical structures since 1986, with different sites in different countries and, with this agreement, positions itself as the first company in the aeronautical sector to recycle its carbon fiber waste. High value-added engineering now with a high commiment with environment.

The agreement´s intent is not only recycling 100% of its Carbon Fiber waste (prepreg, dry fibers and cured CFRP), but reducing Aernnova´s carbon footprint and moving it closer to a circular economy by reutilizing the waste from their production to manufacture other products from the resulting recycled Carbon Fiber (rCF).

In the first phase, Reciclalia supply its services to the Aernnova’s sites of Toledo and Illescas, but this agreement could make extensive in a second phase to the plants of Vitoria, Ourense and Sevilla, covering the whole spanish territory.

David Romero
Reciclalia Operation Director

RECICLALIA and AERNNOVA GROUP blaze the trail for recycling of Carbon Fiber in Spain.
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