Brussels criticises Spain for not closing ilegal landfills.

and gives our country two months to comply with the Community regulation


The European Comission has recently criticised spanish government to allow that thousands of “ilegal” landfills remain open whithin its territory, and gives a term of two months to comply with the Community Regulation regarding waste management.

“Despite the information facilitate to the Commision, there are evidences about the existence of large quantity of ilegal landfills (at least 1513)and it is still pending the clousure, sealing and regeneration of these installations, which is causing an important degradation of environment” regretted the Commision in its last communication. For that, and taking into account the “long-duration and systemic non-compliance” by the Spanish goverment with its obligations under the European Union regulation framework, the Commision have decided to send this warning to the authorities.

The ultimatum,  in the form of reasoned opinion, second phase of infringement proceeding, means that Brussels gives two months to Spain to correct the infringement, otherwise, th Commision could send this case to the Court of Justice of the European Union.According to the Waste Directive, the Member Statesmust take all measures necessary to ensure that, the management of waste, is done without any risk to human health or environment.

Via: Europa Press/Gestores de residuos

David Romero
Reciclalia Operation Director

Brussels criticises Spain for not closing ilegal landfills
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