Reciclalia finalist for 2020 EDF Pulse start-up Awards


The average working life of a wind turbine is 30 years. Conscious of the challenges of recycling, energy generators are already developing their dismantling strategies. National legislation and European directives are also addressing the same issues in parallel. Given the urgency of the situation, what effective solutions do we have for recycling the steel masts, lubricating oils and resin/fibre turbine blades?

Reciclalia provides a unique and comprehensive solution for recycling decommissioned wind turbine blades. How? This Spanish start-up has developed two powerfully innovative technologies. Its Constrictor service cuts and shreds the structure on site. Its CRS technology uses a thermal reactor to separate the glass and carbon fibres by extracting the resin. The cleaned materials are then resold to the energy, transport and construction industries. This ingenious process responds effectively to an immediate need for waste management, and avoids the need to extract new raw materials from nature.

The qualities of the project were awarded by the Grand Jury with the “Environmental impact” mention.

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David Romero
Reciclalia Operation Director

Reciclalia finalist for 2020 EDF Pulse start-up Awards
Reciclalia Composite