EOCENE project starts with the participation of Reciclalia

This project, framed within the CDTI's MISSIONS program and co-financed with ERDF funds, aims to recycle and develop a new generation of sustainable composite materials for use in sectors such as construction or aeronautics.

Reciclalia participates in the EOCENE industrial research project.

This project aims to promote Spanish industry in the industrial revolution of the 21st century and its main objective is to obtain all the components of a composite material (resin and fillers and / or reinforcing fibers) from renewable sources, in addition to the development of new technologies and highly sustainable composite materials for various applications in sectors such as: surfaces for architecture and design, construction and aeronautics.

This project implies, in short, the application of real circular economy standards in the thermosetting composites industry.

For its part, Reciclalia It will be in charge of Investigating, developing and evaluating different treatment methodologies, both for production waste and for composite products that have reached the end of their useful life, promoting the circular economy and the recovery of glass and carbon fibers, sludge from production and gaseous fractions.

This multidisciplinary and multisectoral project is led by Consentino, and includes a team of top-level companies such as Acciona, Suez, Kimitec, Aerotecnic and Omar Coatings, thus completing the entire value chain.

To reinforce the innovative nature of the project, we have the collaboration of up to 13 research entities and universities such as the AITTIP Technological Center, or the Universities of Almería, Granada, Málaga, Polytechnic of Valencia or the Institute of Catalysis and Petroleochemistry of the CSIC, among others. .

The project is endowed with a budget that reaches € 9 million and has the support of the Ministry of Science and Innovation through its initiative: "Science and Innovation Missions" and has a duration of just over three years.

Finally, EOCENE represents a new commitment by Reciclalia, to participate in first-level consortiums together with the most representative companies and public institutions to work for research and sustainable development of the composite materials industry.

David Romero
Reciclalia Operation Director

EOCENE project starts with the participation of Reciclalia
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