Reciclalia signs contract with LM Wind Power 

In December, LM Wind Power contracted Reciclalia to manage its waste fiberglass and breakup its large composite structures with Reciclalia´s propriety technology, the Constrictor.

LM Wind Power is leader in the manufacture of Wind Blades with a presence in 8 countries on 4 continents and more than 3 decades of experience. LM has made more than 185.000 wind blades, which represent a reduction of 147 million tons of C02 emissions, surely making it one of the most “green” companies in the world.

The contract envisions Reciclalia providing its services to the two production facilities that LM has in Spain, Ponferrada and Castellón.

This collaboration between the two companies will place LM Wind Power as the first Company in its sector to close its product life cycle. By choosing to have Reciclalia recycle its composite waste, it notably reduces its carbon footprint, is more respectful of the environment and makes the commitment to a more circular economic model.

David Romero
Reciclalia Operation Director

Reciclalia signs contract with LM Wind Power
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