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“ Recycling the wind blades is one of the major problems of wind energy ”

Monica Pinna from Euronews, investigates the impact of wind blades recycling on wind energy, and the importance of Reciclalia in this process as the only worldwide patented technology to solve this major environmental problem.


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“For some, wind turbines are extraordinary pieces of technology and the answer to our energy needs. For others they are a blot on the landscape and a threat to biodiversity..
One thing is for sure. A storm is brewing over the future of wind power in Europe. The latest controversy concerns the difficulty to recycle turbine blades.
The majority are up for renewal and need replacing as they are part of the first generation of wind turbines that were built in the 1990s.
The process, called repowering, has begun all over Europe. Élisabeth Calenza, a project manager from Engie Belgium, says the new turbines will be far more productive and While up to 90 percent of a wind turbine can now be recycled, the problem remains the blades.

These are made from composite materials that were intended to last and are not easily recyclable.

One Spanish startup, Reciclalia, takes blades from France, Portugal and North Africa. By the end of 2021 they say they will be able to recycle 1,500 blades a year.

“We are able to eliminate all the organic matter that is present in these composite materials, so that in the end we obtain the glass fibre and, more importantly, the carbon fibre, which is clean, so it can be used again. We are working with pioneering companies in sectors as diverse as ceramics, construction, and transport - including the automotive and aeronautic sectors.”

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David Romero
Reciclalia Operation Director

Reciclalia on Euronews “ Recycling the wind blades is one of the major problems of wind energy ”
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