Company authorized by Junta Castilla La Mancha

RECICLALIA is the only company authorized by the Spanish Public Administration to recycling of composites

Beyond landfill, which is a common practice with this materials, Reciclalia has been authorized by the Goverment of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) to recycling composites waste, specially carbon fiber and glass fiber. The company becomes the first, and only, company in Spain authorized for the collection, transport and final management of composites.

These credentials guarantee to all our clients a meticulous compliance with currently applicable legislation and regulations in the environmental field, but also a perfect traceability to its obligations by choosing an end-to-end solution.

Avoiding intermediaries our clients can minimize costs and gain certainty.

Finally, it should be recalled that this authorization permit Reciclalia to operate in the whole spanish territory and even, thanks to the Omnibus european regulation, in all the countries wich belong to the European Union.

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List of authorized waste management companies