What makes us different
is our ability to imagine the future.



 Founded in 2011 as an innovative and visionary company in the environmental sector, Reciclalia has researched and developed the most advanced and efficient recycling system for composites on the market to date.
We accept any kind of material: from carbon fiber to fiberglass. From scrap to end-of-life aircrafts or wind turbine blades.

Our professional staff can advise your company to meet the environmental requirements in the disposal or recycling of unwanted composite material and close your product´s life cycle, either on site or through our services.
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Our Mission
To offer a comprehensive solution for Composites waste, with a clear commitment to R&D&I.

We provide the definite solution to recover and reuse Composites. Thanks to our patented CRS© technology our customers can benefit from a sustainable, environmental-friendly and cost effective procedure.

Our Vision

In accordance with the Horizon 2020 programme of the European Union, our main concern is to support the transition towards a more circular economy, where the waste generated in one industry becomes a secondary raw material for another industry, assuring environmental integrity, resilience and sustainability.

Our Values

We are driven by innovation, passion, respect and sustainability.

Innovation: We are pioneer in recycling composites in Spain. 

Environment: We proudly present the most efficient recycling procedure in the market, which allows us to create our own energy and minimize the environmental aspects of our customers.


Team & Partners

Team & Partners

We are a multidisciplinary team with many values in common,
with a need to help companies close their product´s life cycle
and make the composite industry more sustainable.
We want to help and we know how to do it.

We are solid team, proactive, and we listen. Understanding the problems and transforming them into solutions is what makes us different.
We have expertise, ability, experience and the tools to make it happen, but above all, we have the enthusiasm to do the things we do, in the best way possible.

"We couldn´t refuse the challenge presented by Reciclalia,which mixes a wide variety of concepts related to chemistry, engineering and thermal technology.
An exemplary execution of this complex project has been achieved, with a brand new technology in which we have been pioneers".

Eduardo Cano
Chief Engineer

Sertec Reciclalia

Técnicas Reunidas Reciclalia

"This recycling procedure seemed to be the most economically and technologically viable one, especially in an industrial scale."

Sara Martín
Project Manager

HEA and Reciclalia

"Amazing technology with attractive partnersthat results in a CLEAN, REUSABLE product. This is a very important project for the industry in a short-term future".

José Manuel Pelayo

Companies that have trusted us


Reciclalia is currently engaged in negotiations with the main companies of the wind power and the aeronautical sector, to help close their product´s life cycle. In the meantime, take a look at this success story.

LM Wind Power & Reciclalia
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