Our recycled fibers

Our efficient recycling procedure is not pyrolysis and is unique in that it allows for the complete elimination of the resin present in the composite, with less than 10% degradation of the recycled Carbon Fiber and Glass Fiber.

Carbon Fiber Chopped



Recycled chopped glass fiber coming from thermal recycling
Chopped glass fiber coming from mechanical grinding
Long strands of recycled glass fiber coming from thermal recycling


Wide range of applications for recycled composites

Suitable for many applications which currently use virgin carbon fiber or glass fiber.
 Thermoset or thermoplastic materials
 Engineered plastics or metal

Automotive /


Semi-structural components in cars, trains, trucks…


Components inside the cabin (luggage compartment…) or non-structural components


To increase the stiffness (rackets, skis, helmets…)

Wind Energy

For manufacturing nacelles, repairs…


Reinforcement for construction materials

Recycled Carbon Fiber

Recycled Glass Fiber

Reciclalia Composite