We are the ideal strategic partner to help our clients develop their environmental projects


We are a multidisciplinary team with many values in common, with a need to help companies close their product´s life cycle and make the composite industry more sustainable. 

We want to help and we know how to do it.

We have expertise, ability, experience and the tools to make it happen, but above all, we have the enthusiasm to do the things we do, in the best way possible

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Only working with the best engineering and research companies, we can provide the best solutions to our customers

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“The solution of Reciclalia is considered as involving an inventive step, increasing the process effectiveness”

European Patent by Reciclalia
Christian Kujat Authorized Officer

“Amazing technology with attractive partnersthat results in a CLEAN, REUSABLE product. This is a very important project for the industry in a short-term future”

HEA and Reciclalia
José Manuel pelayo CEO at Hornos Alferieff

“This recycling procedure seemed to be the most economically and technologically viable one, especially in an industrial scale”

A Company for Composites Recycling
Técnicas Reunidas Engineering Dpt.

“We couldn´t refuse the challenge presented by Reciclalia,which mixes a wide variety of concepts related to chemistry, engineering and thermal technology.
An exemplary execution of this complex project has been achieved, with a brand new technology in which we have been pioneers”

A Company for Composites Recycling
Eduardo cano Chief Engineer at Sertec Engineering