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Save time and money with © Constrictor, a service designed to dispose of large composite structures (wind blades, airplane wings, etc.) where they lie, be it in the wind farm or on the factory lot. Fast, Clean and Efficient

Latest news

Engie and Reciclalia

Engie France decommissions its oldest wind project

French renewables firm Engie Green, leading the deconstruction, has taken down three of the site’s five turbines, including France’s first wind turbine of 200kW which was connected to the grid in 1991. The company said it had managed to recycle 96% of the turbine components. “Being able to recycle the blades was especially important for […]

Reciclalia collaborates with EDPr

Reciclalia supports EDPr for the compliance of their environmental objectives

Reciclalia’s contribution is reflected in the company report: Consolidated Financial Statements and Directors’ Report for 2018. EDPr, as indicated in its Environmental Policy, aims at reducing the impact of their activities on the  environment, protecting it and implementing its own strategy for fighting against climate change. One of the key factors for EDPr is waste […]

Reciclalia receives an Innovative SME Distinction for its R&D strategy

Reciclalia has just received an Innovative SME distinction by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities. This distinction rewards small and medium enterprises for their Research and Development projects, according with the criteria of the order ECC/1087/2015, of 5 June. The European Commission has highlighted the importance of innovation for SMEs, and the fact […]

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Trek Bicycles and Reciclalia
EDP renovables y Reciclalia
LM Wind Power and Reciclalia recycling glass fiber
Reciclalia and Aernnova recycling carbon fiber

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