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This Patented technology has been specifically designed to close the composite product life cycle. The reactor can handle cured CFRP, scrap, prepreg, out of date dry CF in all formats or even end-of-life products.

Our efficient recycling procedure is not pyrolysis and is unique in that it allows for the complete elimination of the resin present in the composite, with less than 10% degradation of the recycled Carbon Fiber


Grade “A” patent. Highest grade and categorized as “innovative”. It’s the only European Patent to receive those outstanding credentials
Recycled composites 100% resin free and low degradation
For all kind of Composite: Carbon fiber or fiberglass, cured or uncured elements, prepeg or not, end-of-life elements or pieces which not pass the quality control
Recycled composites with of excellent quality. Are available in different strand sizes, up to 6m recycling prepregs
Horizontal Thermal Reactor It is semi-continuous, with high capacity loading and a rapid through put
Efficient system and respectful of the environment. The only company in Spain authorized by the Government to recycling composite materials
Co-Generation and oily combustible byproduct produced. Uses less energy and therefore is more respectful of the environment

We create value by closing the life cycle of composites