Reciclalia receives an Innovative SME Distinction for its R&D strategy

Reciclalia has just received an Innovative SME distinction by the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities.

This distinction rewards small and medium enterprises for their Research and Development projects, according with the criteria of the order ECC/1087/2015, of 5 June.

The European Commission has highlighted the importance of innovation for SMEs, and the fact that it enhances competitiveness in the global economy, through RIS3.

The Research Innovation Strategies for Smart Specialisation set priorities at the national and regional levels to build competitive advantage by developing and matching research and innovation strengths with business needs.
The Spanish government supports RIS3 through several programs and activities. Among them is the Innovative SME distinction, which recognizes companies placing research and innovation at the heart of their business models.

This distinction endorses our mission which is no other that provide the most technological solutions for the environment.

Thanks to the technologies of Reciclalia, the recycling of complex structures such as wind blades or aircrafts is now a reality.

Receiving the Innovative SME distinction is a clear sign that Reciclalia is moving in the right direction.

Visit the Reciclalia’s inscription on the Innovative SME Programme of the Spanish Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities