Reciclalia collaborates with EDPr

Reciclalia supports EDPr for the compliance of their environmental objectives

Reciclalia’s contribution is reflected in the company report: Consolidated Financial Statements and Directors’ Report for 2018.

EDPr, as indicated in its Environmental Policy, aims at reducing the impact of their activities on the  environment, protecting it and implementing its own strategy for fighting against climate change.

One of the key factors for EDPr is waste management, and for that reason the company is supporting different projects focused on prioritizing glass fiber recycling processes and stimulating the circular economy.

To achieve these objectives, Reciclalia provides EDPr with its two patented technologies:

Constrictor ® for an automated cutting of wind blades in the same wind farm, reducing both logistic costs and carbon footprint traditionally associated to these operations.

CRS ® for recycling the main element of wind blades, which is glass fiber.

From the beginning of this fruitful collaboration, more than ten wind blades has been recycled from different wind farms of EDPr.