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Save time and money with © Constrictor, a service designed to dispose of large composite structures (wind blades, airplane wings, etc.) where they lie, be it in the wind farm or on the factory lot. Fast, Clean and Efficient

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Closing landfills

Brussels criticises Spain for not closing ilegal landfills and gives our country two months to comply with the Community regulation

The European Comission has recently criticised spanish government to allow that thousands of “ilegal” landfills remain open whithin its territory, and gives a term of two months to comply with the Community Regulation regarding waste management. “Despite the information facilitate to the Commision, there are evidences about the existence of large quantity of ilegal landfills (at least […]

Company authorized by Junta Castilla La Mancha

RECICLALIA is the only company authorized by the Spanish Public Administration to recycling of composites

Beyond landfill, which is a common practice with this materials, Reciclalia has been authorized by the Goverment of Castilla-La Mancha (Spain) to recycling composites waste, specially carbon fiber and glass fiber. The company becomes the first, and only, company in Spain authorized for the collection, transport and final management of composites. These credentials guarantee to […]

Reciclalia and Aernnova recycling carbon fiber

RECICLALIA and AERNNOVA GROUP blaze the trail for recycling of Carbon Fiber in Spain.

The contract, signed by both companies in July, makes this a reality. Aernnova Group is a leader in the design and manufacture of aeronautical structures since 1986, with different sites in different countries and, with this agreement, positions itself as the first company in the aeronautical sector to recycle its carbon fiber waste. High value-added […]

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LM Wind Power and Reciclalia recycling glass fiber
Reciclalia and Aernnova recycling carbon fiber

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